2018 Gratitude

Happy 1st Birthday to my blog.

Whereas it took me quite sometime to begin my forum, I have realized I am just beginning to tap into my vision.

This will be my personal 24th post (plus two guest posts by Brannon Bourland). We have accomplished more than I imagined- a podcast interview with You Brew You, guest posts, social media births, & braving my personal writing debut.

We anticipate 2019 to be just as rewarding as well as challenging as we continue to grow our community. Although I am the main author of BlendStrong, the We stems from my husband’s encouragement & intuition of my desire to grow a safe space for all of us blending. Had he not motivated me to share my thoughts in an arena open to everlasting facets of life, I may have kept my thought processes between us & close friends.

In 2018, we experienced rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey, selling our first together home after the rebuild, dealing with leasing a home through the rebuild process, building our LLC for my husband’s inventions, learning the patent process, building our blog, learning how to work with social media for our blog, losing our fifth baby (our second together) in a miscarriage, purchasing our first home together, family vacations, more health scares than a year should offer, career alterations, more patent learning, & ultimately – everyday – choosing love.

I also turned 40 this year. Ouch. And… Amazeballs. Yes, I often find myself feeling like a 15-year-old little girl wondering how I came to be the mom & wife of our home… of my husband… of our four girls… However, I also feel, with every fiber of my being, f-ing 40.

I did not anticipate returning to the classroom, but knowing I will not have another baby of my own – despite a sweet, wise friend explaining my blog teaches families how to blend – the classroom (as a long term sub for a maternity leave) truly allowed me to heal from my miscarriage. Returning to the classroom full time will allow me to heal from knowing we will not have anymore children together. There are sooooo many children who just need to be believed in.

This may be my shortest blog post thus far… but it is by far from the last.

Thank you 2018 for helping me learn how to embrace 2019. For my blending families… wish your childrens’ other a Happy New Year… because after all, they’ll be sharing it with your babies.



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