Half-way to Dead

I love to read. No secret there. I teach Secondary English. I have a bookshelf at home (& more in my classroom) full. Thing is, I have quite a few I have not finished, yet.

Rather than locating the best book out there or the most popular YA book to read in an attempt to connect with my students’ choice… I have decided to just pick up books I have already started – one by one – & finish them first.

Godwink today:

I literally stopped this life altering book two years ago… on this chapter. It was not intentional. I just got consumed in doing (& worrying) as I altered my career to stay home with my newborn baby, packed & moved my family to keep my kids in our beloved district (courtesy transfer exhausted with my resignation), Hurricane Harvey hit, our rebuild to sell began, & my husband & I absolved one business venture to start two – not just 1, but 2 – new business ventures. As if the chaos was not enough, we continued to encounter trials & tribulation.

I have become a ball of nerves consumed with guilt this last year alone after experiencing a miscarriage & facing judgement as I returned to my career in an attempt to not just rebuild my family but to rebuild myself. What I have learned – painfully – is I will never please everyone.

It is not my job to.

My priority in life is to be a loving wife & Momma finding joy in what I choose to do.

Mel Robbins, & her 5 Second Rule, did not disappoint two years ago when I began devouring her words of wisdom… I hope this chapter softens my heart, eases my mind, reignites my spirit, provides peace to my soul, & allows me to bow out from disapproval as I embark on my new journey in grad school… and reading unfinished books…

In the succinct wisdom of my brother-in-law this 4th of July weekend- “We are half-way to dead. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life worrying… Do you?”



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