Books, Food, and Daughters

Made our annual back-to-school trip to Barnes & Noble five-and-a-half weeks early to find our planners for the year & get summer reads for the girls.

I let my daughters be loud & laugh in the children’s section. 💛

I admired my firstborn (making her way to Sophomore) sitting down in the YA section perusing over books as she made her CHOICE (yes! our district is innovatively awesome). ☀️ I giggled & accepted my feisty second born (soon-to-be-4th-grader) bargain her reasoning for a sketch book & need for her joke book, & I laughed even more at her reaction when I pointed her towards the Wonder Woman backpack. 🌙 I melted as my born of my heart oldest (strutting into Senior year) walked up beaming about the book she found in the Psychology section she never knew existed. ⭐️ I fought back tears as my toddler picked out her big girl lunch kit & backpack because some form of daycare or Mother’s Day Out awaits her. 🌊

When I saw two teachers I spent two weeks with in our district’s summer Reader/Writers Workshop, I said hello to them both. Godwink: I apparently taught 2 kids – a daughter as a Senior & a son as a freshman – of one of the ladies during my time at one of our district’s high schools. Her sweet words made my teacher heart explode. 💗 I 5-4-3-2-1’ed myself right over to the YA section & grabbed two books I have been interested to dive into. 🤓

Side note on 5-4-3-2-1 from yesterday’s post: Thankful for picking back up Mel Robbin’s 5 Second Rule yesterday at chapter 12. The three chapters I gorged myself on made an immediate difference just as I hoped.

We spent a lil more than I had planned today at B&N.

And, we are about to devour some Greek food in the next few minutes.

And, all four girls having an activity or an appointment today didn’t stop me from making this day special for all of us : Ki- karate early morning, Nina- orthodontist midday (as I type this while kids nap &/or fidget), May- karate evening, & Dyl- ISR midmorning. Hence Momma looking a lil rough (& smelling like outside). Aside from wanting to make everyday special, this is the last daytime we will all five get to spend together until sometime in August.

Ki is in the midst of black belt training. When M&M return in 11 days, she will be in her test week- 530 am til 9/10 pm. We only get to see her for dinner on-site. Her graduation day for her 2nd Degree black belt, Nina heads off to England & Scotland for 14 days with her high school theatre group. I know I am the only one who lives by this blending family calendar, but if I didn’t… we may miss out on maximizing our time together.

Plan ahead Moms & Dads, bonus parents, too. Our kids aren’t designed to. It’s our job to pursue them & plan to be with them. We make them feel special by how we treat them & invest in our time in them. They in turn love one another in a pretty damn epic fashion.

Remember to make time for you, too. Tonight for me- dinner & drinks with my girlfriends 🥂



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