GNO Ignites Your Captivating Laughter

Just wrapped up my first course of grad school last week & have found myself making the most of my bye-week before next week gears up the next course. A recent assignment had us students really dissecting our lives & how we spend our time to answer the difficult question, “are you living a balanced life?” I could not confidently say, yes.

The activity really shed light on how much I have set myself on the back burner & explained succinctly why I have experienced an increase in anxiety. As I built my lil pie chart, my heart sank when I saw only 1% of my time is devoted to quality time with my best girl friends. I made a point to answer YES! to suggestions for get togethers, & I initiated others. Twice this week I have cherished real-women-banter, loud-ass-laughter, and vulnerable conversations without judgement. Two girlfriends & each of their daughters met my daughters & me for lunch on a patio with a playscape nearby for our younger kids. We fell into our usual stroll as if time had not really ticked a year-and-a-half by since our last sit down. We talked kids, school, family, & life. We oo’ed & ah’ed over our girls. They graciously offered educational insight to my older two. And, I allowed the needed reassurance these two childhood friends & fellow educators provide.

The following day – last night – the GNO that had been planned for almost two weeks brought as many of my Angel Squad whom could make it. We ubered/lyfted to our favorite lil Cajun cuisine, Marai’s. We hugged, kissed, showered each other in compliments because we love to be girly & dress up. We multi-tasked five conversations going at once for over five hours straight. We shared excitement. We shared fears. We vented. We laughed. Some cried. Some got choked up. We were LOUD! We took an obnoxious amount of pictures to capture another heart-explosion night full of all-things-dripping-ladies all-the-while chomping on delicious food and toasting tasty drinks as happy hour segued into evening. I woke with a sore face from the genuine belly laughs & ceaseless smile from the night before, & the group texting ensued. And… we are all either pushing 40 or have embraced it. The beautiful- We have been friends since we were kids &/or teens.

The night being planned was ignited by one of my girlfriends sharing an article on FaceBook about how spending time with your girlfriends makes us healthier. Cheers to that wise woman! I spent three days immersed in quality time- dinner at my parents Monday & Tuesday (about 3 hours each night) with my lil fam of six; an hour lunch with two gal pals & their lil girls with my four girlies, a day spent with all four of my daughters, & a five hour dinner with drinks last night with eight ladies. I am proof quality time – especially GNO time – make us healthier because it makes us happier!

My worries (& anxiousness) have taken the seat on the back burner, today. I have been an absolute goofball with my two daughters whom are home (despite my other two heading off with their Dad yesterday, which always leaves a bit of sadness within me). I chose to laugh today. I laughed so hard making an arse of myself I could barely breath & my eyes started dripping. And, I let my oldest send SnapChattery proof to my husband… For whatever reason, it is when I am a total dork & laughing hysterically he finds me the most beautiful.

So, be beautiful, my friends. While you are blending your family, make time for your needed quality time with your people. Spend time with people genuinely loving YOU & celebrating ALL of YOU.

Your girl squad brings out that captivating laughter. Tonight, I will laugh with my favorite person- date night with the hubs.



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  1. Danyale,

    My daughter shared your blog and I am glad she did. I read your GNO Ignites Your Captivating Laughter and it was awesome and so true. It speaks to all of us who have juggled our families, our careers and our pursuit of furthering our education. GNO are the best and they help all of us be a better version of ourselves.

    Sheila Safarzadeh

    Liked by 1 person

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